Who we are

To all my lovely coffee aficionados out there, this website could be the next thing for you. 

I am Robert Wiggins, a teacher at social work organization based in New Orleans. Coffee is my go-to buddy anytime during the day and I know many of you like me are super glad about its existence.

While I was sipping my morning coffee, and listening to the radio on a lazy Sunday – something struck me. Being a 9 to 4 worker, and a family man I rarely get time for myself and Coffee was the only escape.

I read about podcasts the previous day on Facebook (someone posted about it, and I Googled the thing). Podcasts, it’s the new information media, the term which was first coined by Ben Hammersley with iPod + Broadcast. Similarly, there are vodcasts that are video files broadcasted on a channel.

Coffee podcasting is what I thought, and I am a lover of speaking. Well, that was enough to set the idea into action.

Talking about my nature, I like sarcasm and also have a witty nature. (which you will know for sure in future). In the end, thesavagedetectives wishes to spread smiles and love with the Coffee Love!