Side Effects of Drinking Coffee on Women – Does it make sense?

Soooo, how much do you rely on the multiple coffee breaks that you take in while you are working?

There may be no extent to that connection. I understand. But all the ladies in the house, you might have to rethink how this goes – how coffee is actually working on your body, and what are the effects it’s actually causing to your body.

I have seen young girls getting addicted to coffee, which is probably not good. Studies have also shown that high caffeine intake causing lumps on the breast, leading to cyst on them. The caffeine breaks out the breast tissue which produces the cyst on them.

Which are the other health effects on Women that drink too much Coffee?

Effects of Drinking Coffee on Women

Side Effects of Drinking Coffee on Women

Even though people learn life lessons for their health, they would still be doing the same things that caused trouble to them in the first place.

1. Not Able to Do Any Work Without Coffee

This may sound weird or funny to you, but it’s a problem. High intake of caffeine, high in the sense really chronic drinker of coffee will decrease the serotonin levels released in the body. This will restrain the hormonal functions, making you feel lethargic and sad towards the end.

2. Cyst Formation on the Breast and the Ovaries

For all the hardcore coffee drinkers, if any female companion for yours or even you have issues related to PCOS, Ovarian cysts, Fibroids, etc then by drinking coffee you are making it worse.

3. Behaviour Changes

If you are having coffee in a moderation, then that won’t be a trouble. But people who drink lots of coffee have shown higher anxiety levels and even serious mental illness like the¬†psychosis. This might turn the coffee drink more nervous, and make them feel irritated for almost the whole time.

4. Coffee Raises the Infertility Rate

Something that very few dietary rules will ever mention to someone who is planning to conceive. High intake of coffee has shown an increased risk of miscarriage both in men and women, which is almost 74%. Caffeine is considered to be an impairment that falls next to smoking and alcohol – shocking one right?

That’s it, guys!

Take control of your body. Work on it. Have healthy food and meals, and above all – Know your food.

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