La’s Best Coffee Shops Are Now Roasting Their Own Coffee Beans: Know Why

The Go Get ‘Em Tiger(GGET) founders Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski after 5 years of sourcing coffee from the best roasters of the world, decided one thing – to bring roasting home! They spent the whole of 2017, and a few months of 2018 with the planning and creation of the roasting. Until then, they kept on selling their previous batches at all of their five LA cafes.

La’s Best Coffee Shops Are Now Roasting Their Own Coffee Beans

While Go Get ‘Em Tiger is not the only cafe trying bean roasting at home.

Roasting Coffee Beans

Next, we have the Cognoscenti founder Yeekai Lim who has been roasting the coffee for the one year now. Lim adds, that the main purpose of adding the roasting part was to increase the knowledge and simply the art of making coffee. Along with that, they needed to show others how roasting is easy and something for which you don’t have to go a looooong way.

Another example is the Sydney based outlet Paramount Coffee Project, a brand which is operated by Russell Beard, Ping Jin Ng, and Mark Dundon. They heated up the 15-kilo roaster thing at their ROW DTLA Cafe, with Guatemalan and Ethiopian blend being their signature drinks. But unlike the GGET group, this cafe also uses other coffee roasts along with their own.

The same land space where the PCP company is set up is soon to be the home for the Coffee Manufactory. It’s a San-Francisco firm which is co-owned by Tartine Group. Well, the space estimations say around 800 pounds of coffee could be roasted in one hour! They are mainly focussed upon the cold brewing and other coffee-based beverages. While the company head Chris Jordan is willing to set a modest place serving small batch and locally exclusive coffees for the LA audience.

LA is definitely one among the top cities with a huge coffee-engaging people! Something that all the upcoming bean roasters would agree upon.

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