UPSers are effectively using the drones

One of the world’s largest parcel companies is stepping up its efforts to integrate drones into its system.

UPS has partnered with robot manufacturer CyPhy Works to test the use of drones for commercial deliveries to remote or hard-to-reach locations.

The companies began testing the drones on Thursday when they launched one from the coastal town of Marblehead. The drone was flying a planned 5-kilometer route across the Atlantic to bring an inhaler to Children’s Island.

The successful landing was greeted by the CyPhy Works and UPS team on the island with applause for participating in the test.

I thought it was fantastic, said John Dodero, vice president of industrial engineering at UPS.

Helen Greiner, the founder of CyPhy Works, co-founder of iRobot, said drone testing with UPS allows her company to collect technical and cost information, and then work with UPS to discover where drones add value. can. to the huge UPS network.

However, the robot manufacturer doesn’t see any drones that will soon replace trucks, bicycles, strollers, or gondolas.

Drones will not return all purchases, but there are situations where you have a remote location, an emergency where infrastructure fails, wants or needs the package quickly: these are the areas where drones are used to take a package with me somewhere, Greiner said.

However, not everything is clear for drones.

The recently revised federal aviation regulations do not allow commercial drones to survive people who are not involved in their operations, and require that they remain in full view of their operators, effectively making deliveries impossible. However, these restrictions do not prevent drone manufacturers and their partners from competing to develop technologies that are suitable for commercial delivery while working with regulators to adapt to existing standards.

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Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. isn’t the only company testing drones. Wal-Mart tests drones to manage their inventory more efficiently, and tests home delivery.

Danvers-based CyPhy Works Inc. manufactures proprietary surveillance drones that remain in the air for hours and can transmit reconnaissance data that cannot be intercepted, blocked, or falsified.

The UPS employee, who opened fire on parcel service in San Francisco and killed three people, was identified as Jimmy Lam, 38, on Wednesday night.

Lam stormed the premises around 9 a.m. Local time and commenced shooting, police told Fox News. The building is located on Potrero Hill, approximately 2 miles from downtown San Francisco.

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Teamsters Union site administrator Joseph Cilia, who represents UPS employees in San Francisco, told the Associated Press that Lam had filed an overtime complaint in March and complained about it. many overtime hours Cilia said she doesn’t understand why Lam would open fire on other drivers.

I never knew Jimmy didn’t get along with people, said Cilia. Jimmy was not a big complaint.

Lam killed three employees before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Two other UPS employees were injured but left the hospital, Cilia said. Both were UPS employees.

The victims were identified as Benson Louie (50), Wayne Chan (56), and Michael Lefiti (46) according to the San Francisco medical director.

The reason for the shooting is still unclear, police said, adding that the incident had nothing to do with terror. The FBI was aware of the shooting, but did not intervene, the Fox News Office said.